The Legacy Project

We are on a mission to create the Capital Region Veteran's Memorial here in the town of Glenville, NY. We call it The Legacy Project.

The Legacy Project committee is comprised of both Veterans and Non-Veterans and is a grassroots effort to create a respite in which all Veterans, their families, and the public can experience a place of welcome, camaraderie, remembrance, and even vindication. This will be a place of solitude, comfort, and peace that allows Veterans and their families to perhaps heal the invisible wounds of war.

The Capital Region Veteran's Memorial is a 501.C3 tax exempt organization and will be a landmark destination for our region. It will have memorials honoring all major conflicts including World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, The Gulf War, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Monuments will include the names of all Capital Region Veterans who gave their lives while serving in these conflicts.

The Legacy Project will also include a Welcome Center and Veteran's Cafe. The Cafe will be an integral part of the facility. It will have a Military Museum and is intended to be a place where Veterans, their families, and the public can relax, make friends, and obtain information.

Location: A potential 6 acre site in the Town of Glenville is being considered. If acceptable, it would include the Veteran's Cafe', the Memorial, a pond and a pavilion.

Our goal is to honor our regions fallen while creating an environment in which Veterans and their families can share their experiences, share their emotions, and feel that they are not alone.