Capital Region Veterans Memorial

The Legacy Project to Honor the Fallen

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A tribute to Capital Region Veterans and their families.

Service, Honor, Sacrifice

CRVM will be an educational resource center for our youth to learn about and comprehend the historical reasons and results of the 7 campaigns. It will be a much-needed place to re-foster patriotism for our country and respect for our freedoms, our flag, and the people who fought for and defended these rights.


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“Live From The Front: Byline ERNIE PYLE”


Rick Plummer puts his heart and soul into bringing Ernie Pyle to life and immersing his audience in the realities of World War II. A not-to-be-missed show!

October 4th at 2 pm

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a respite in which all Veterans, their families, and ordinary citizens could experience a place of welcome, camaraderie, remembrance and even vindication. A place of solitude, comfort, and peace that allows Veterans and their families to perhaps "heal" the invisible wounds of war.

Our Vision

The "Legacy Project" will be a "Landmark" destination for our region and will include a Welcome Center and Veteran's Cafe. The Cafe will be an integral part of the facility and is intended to be a place where Veterans, their families, and the public can relax, make friends and obtain information. The goal of the Cafe is to create an environment where Veterans can share ideas, share their pain and joy and see that they are not alone.


A potential 6-acre site in the Town of Glenville is being considered. If approved, the park-like setting would include the Veteran's Cafe', Memorials, a pond and a pavilion.